Saturday, September 12, 2020

Prayer about unofficial mine collapse in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Lord God, we feel sick to our stomachs to hear of a gold mine collapsing on 50 miners in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo Saturday. We know the gold mine was informal and the miners unofficial, so there were few, if any, safety measures in place. Lord, we grieve the fact that these mostly young men were buried alive as they strove to make a resourceful living. Please bless the rescue efforts so anyone still living may be pulled from the rubble as quickly as possible. Bless the people who are working so hard to pull their friends and colaborers from this pit of death. Lord, gird their hearts and minds as they process and grieve this horrible experience. May they be able to sleep without terror and eventually move forward in life with hope. Please guide them in any decisions they may need to make about how they provide for themselves and their loved ones. And, Lord, if the DRC government needs to address this common yet dangerous practice, direct them to do so—and to do so effectively. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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