Thursday, November 19, 2020

Prayer about escalating migrant situation in Bosnia PC: Elvis Barukcic/AFP via Getty Images

Lord God, we pray for the migrant situation escalating in Bosnia as winter approaches. We know you see the thousands of migrants sleeping in parks, forests and empty buildings, trying to survive the approaching winter weather. You also know the fears of locals, especially after a local man was recently stabbed to death. We pray for the government as it navigates an unfolding crisis that involves thousands of human lives. May they assess the situation accurately, well, and compassionately for all parties involved. Grant leaders great wisdom as they discern solutions to the problem of housing those passing through and waylaid in their country. We ask blessing on those organizations and individuals who are helping those in need. May your children bring true hope as they bring needed help. We also pray for the European Commission as it examines border operations. May they do their job with excellence, justice and mercy, bringing inappropriate situations to light and promptly implementing helpful measures. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



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