Monday, November 9, 2020

Prayer against terrorism in Mozambique after latest atrocities  PC: AFP

Lord God, we pray against the Islamist militancy in Mozambique as we grieve their latest atrocities. To hear of 50 people beheaded and chopped to pieces on a local football pitch is disgusting. To know they also destroyed homes, raided the town, and took women captive reveals the level of their depravity. Lord, please thwart their efforts on every side. Create internal dissension so they are unable to execute their plans. Provide the captive women opportunities to escape. Grant the government of Mozambique great wisdom in finding their hiding places and capturing these criminals. Motivate other nations to help train Mozambique’s military and law enforcement to handle this type of terrorism, if that would help. Lord, we also specifically pray against the group’s exploitation of poverty in recruiting vulnerable young people who see this group as a viable option. May potential recruits see this entity clearly for what it is: a terrorist group bent on destruction and death. And, Lord, we pray for the grieving and the terrified. Grant them the peace that passes understanding. May they find hope in you. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



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