Friday, November 18, 2016

Prayer about fuel truck explosion in Mozambique  Photo: AP.
Lord, we are grieved today by the terrible fuel truck explosion in Mozambique. We pray for the dozens killed and dozens more injured. We pray for all the lost to be found and identified, including those who may be in the woods, having sought water to alleviate their injuries. We pray for the injured to be treated quickly and effectively. Help them find the best possible medical care available. Help them to find healthy environments where they can be protected and strong in the fight against infection. Lord, bless those who rose to their aid. We pray that you would calm their hearts and minds as they deal with the trauma of being involved in such an incident. Remove the images of such horrific injuries from their minds. Give them peaceful, restorative sleep. Lord, we pray for the truth to come out about what caused this truck to explode. If there was illegal, risky behavior involved, may future drivers avoid the temptation to endanger themselves and others. We pray for the loved ones of those who passed. Surround them with people who love and care for them. Give them your peace in the midst of tragedy. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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