Monday, November 21, 2016

Prayer about North Carolina wildfires
Photo credit: AP
Lord, today we pray about the uncontrolled wildfires raging in North Carolina, USA, and for the thousands of people who are fighting them. Lord, thank you for the success the firefighters have had thus far, preventing loss of life. Thank you for the generosity within the dozens of affected communities, evidenced by people’s helping, hosting and providing food for each other. Thanks for the creative support shown to firefighters through people arriving at ranger stations to do laundry, ask about needs, and pray. Lord, with almost 50 days without rain, this area is so vulnerable. With roaring winds coming in from the west, we know one leaf could spread a barely contained wildfire into a whole new area. Lord, please redirect the wind from that area. Please send rain. Please give the firefighters clear minds, clean lungs and keen strength as they continue to labor against this natural disaster. We pray for truth to eventually come out about who started these fires. We pray for the people who have not yet evacuated to be wise and alert, and to know when it is time to go. And, Lord, thank you for inviting us to ask boldly within your presence. In Jesus’ powerful name we pray, amen.

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