Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Prayer for teenaged refugees in Greece
Lord, today we pray for the teenaged refugees who are trying to survive in Greece. Lord, it is so hard to hear about their plight. It breaks our hearts to read of teenaged boys having to turn prostitution in order to survive. What a web they are caught in! Lord, we are concerned about the root issues here, though they seem almost overwhelming. We pray about the concerns that drove these boys from their home countries. We pray for resolution of these issues, and for the boys to be able to go home. We pray for the men who seek out these boys. Convict them of their sin. Meet their needs in healthy ways so they do not have to exploit children or teens. We pray for the Greek government to be able to find solutions for its refugee problems. May leaders and thinkers determine ways to care for these people who have chosen their nation as their home or temporary stop on a longer journey. May the Greek church rise up to serve the least of these. May the refugees find solutions as they seek a better way of life, and may they contribute value to their host countries. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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