Monday, October 16, 2017

Prayer about Mogadishu car bombing
Heavenly Father, today we mourn with those who mourn in Somalia. We come face to face, yet again, with another stunning case of human destroying human, hate leading to death. Three hundred precious souls torn from this world by terrorists… We weep. And we know you grieve to see your sons and daughters behaving so. Lord, we pray for the 30 injured people flown to Turkey today to receive more advanced medical care. Please help them reach the best possible care so they can recover from this terrible attack. And, Lord, we pray for all who mourn: bereaved spouses, parents, children, friends… the entire city of Mogadishu and nation of Somalia. Meet with them in this dark valley. Give them enough light to carry on for the next day, and then the next. May they experience your sweet comfort. And, Lord, we pray for the perpetrators of this terrible crime to be found and brought to justice. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.