Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Prayer for Puerto Rico as it struggles to recover post-Maria
Lord, today we continue to pray for Puerto Rico, which is still in the early stages of recovery three weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island. First, Lord, we pray about the missing. It is hard to imagine that over 100 people could still be unaccounted for, but most of us do not know what it’s like to function with a decimated infrastructure. We pray for these people to be located. We also pray for those who are grieving. First, we pray for those who lost loved ones in the storm. Second, we pray for all Puerto Ricans, even those who no longer live in their place of origin. Father, we know how deeply they suffer as they see their homeland labor to recover, and its citizens struggling to even find clean water. Bring relief from the emotional anguish. Draw each person closer to you through this journey. Grant divine hope. God, we pray for the practical aspects of recovery: restored communication, transportation, medical care, etc. Please help leaders in all fields to tap into their most creative, effective and tenacious resources to lead well and accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Help them find the material resources required for this, including through a generous state and private outpouring that we ask you to motivate. Finally, we pray for volunteer groups like "Puerto Rico Stands on its Feet" and "Wings of Hope" that are meeting medical needs around the island. Lord, please bless their kindness and efforts. May they be as efficient as possible. Give them strength and clarity. May they also bring light as they deliver supplies and medical care. May they reach the people who most desperately need their help. And may their supporters be generous in providing for the material aspects of their ministry to others. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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