Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Prayer about anti-Semitic arson attack in Paris

A partial view taken of the Promo & Destock store, a French kosher grocery store in Creteil, south of Paris, after it was destroyed in an arson attack on January 9, 2018 . (AFP Photo/Alain Jocard)  AFP Photo/Alain Jocard
Lord, today we pray about the suspected anti-Semitic attack that happened in the southern Paris suburb of Creteil yesterday. One destroyed grocery store may not seem like much in this wide world, but one man’s world has been completely upended. And what the attack represents is a big deal, indeed. Lord, we are sickened by the anti-Semitic vandalism that has targeted the kosher grocery stores in this neighborhood. We are disgusted that it would escalate to actual destruction. And of course we cannot forget the anti-Semitic violence that has happened in this area, including murder. Please work in hearts in this neighborhood. May this destruction actually bring to light the ugliness of anti-Semitism. May those who have teetered toward prejudice be snatched from its grip when they see the fruit of hate. And, Heavenly Father, we pray for the Muslim owner of this Jewish shop. We are refreshed that he does not feel his Muslim faith prevents him from serving his Jewish neighbors. We are saddened that people of his own religion would feel the need to punish him in such a violent way. Please work in this man’s heart to bring peace and Hope. Give him courage to move forward again in life, so he does not need to live in fear. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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