Friday, January 19, 2018

Prayer for under-resourced pastors in Nicaragua
Lord, today we pray for the nation of Nicaragua and the pastors who seek to feed your sheep there. We know this nation struggles with poverty, and that this struggle leads to high drug and alcohol abuse. We also know that many people are in bondage to witchcraft as the answer to their problems. We pray for the pastor-shepherds in Nicaragua, who seek to nurture and disciple your children. We know many of them are untrained and lack support. Today we thank you for the work of Walk Thru the Bible in this land. We pray you will continue providing for the needs of that ministry, so they can support and equip pastors, who will in turn support and equip their congregations. We do ask for the provision of a national director of Walk Thru the Bible in Nicaragua, in order to lessen the load of the regional director, who cannot meet all the needs of the nation Nicaragua. We pray for the removal of obstacles in getting pastors to attend training events. Help them get there, learn deeply and quickly, and be effective in passing on their training to others under their care. Please support and sustain these pastors and their families. Protect them from violence and protect them spiritually. May they thrive in you in ways that overflow into reaching the communities around them. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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