Saturday, January 27, 2018

Prayer about massive terror attack in Kabul
Lord, we grow weary of terrorists and the destruction and death they crave. But we will not stop praying against their wicked work. Today we express our outrage that Taliban insurgents would use an ambulance as a vehicle of death, detonating a massive bomb on a busy Kabul street. Lord, we pray for those who are wounded, fighting for their lives even now. Please intervene wherever possible, providing the best available medical care, wisdom and efficiency for medical personnel, and stout hearts for those who attempt to hold onto life. Bring healing for the more than 150 people whose wounds vary from minor to major on this day. Bring healing from the psychological trauma. Heavenly Father, we also pray for those who grieve. With at least 63 fatalities, including police personnel, the entire city of Kabul (and beyond) grieves today. We grieve with them over these precious lives taken with total disregard for their value. And, Lord, again we pray against the vile work of these terrorists. Thwart them on every side. May they lose favor with those who help them. Give them a lack of direction, poor leadership, dwindling resources. And open their eyes to see the reality of what they are doing: destroying their own brothers and sisters. In Jesus’ powerful name, we pray, amen.

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  1. Death and injury tolls ended up, not surprisingly, being much higher: