Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Prayer about Cape Town's water crisis
Lord, today we pray for the city of Cape Town, South Africa, which may soon be completely out of water. Heavenly Father, it is very difficult to imagine a city of four million people without water. First, we pray for those residents who are still operating without restraint in their water usage. Please convict them of their need to play a responsible part in this calamity. We pray for the governing authorities, that they might have divine wisdom in how to handle this crisis. We pray for those directly involved in the distribution of water and enforcement of limitations: for protection from those who are upset, and for exceeding grace and peace as they carry out their responsibilities. We are thankful that many people are able to find refuge in other areas that still have water. Bless those who extend hospitality during this time, and may houseguests and hosts have extra patience with each other as they weather this crisis together. We pray for mercy and provision for the most vulnerable: the impoverished, the elderly and the disabled, who have limited to no alternatives. Motivate responsible citizens and Christ-followers to look out for those in need. We pray for all the people of Cape Town to learn through this crisis--about gratitude, responsibility, selflessness, priorities, faith, and much more. Most of all, Almighty God, we pray for rain. We ask you to send rain to Cape Town and surrounding areas. Show your power and provision through sending rain. We humbly ask, in Jesus’ name, amen.


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