Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Prayer about sexual abuse scandal in Chilean Catholic church

Bishop Charles Scicluna will be listening to Chilean victims.
Lord, today we pray for truth to come out about sexual misconduct in the Chilean Catholic church. We know people are deeply hurting, and that several victims have come forward to share about abuse from Rev. Fernando Karadima. The Vatican and the Pope’s personal responses have fallen flat for many, causing concern that other victims might be afraid to share their stories. Lord, our desire is for healing to take place. You see how sexual abuse leaves such deep scars and impacts more than the direct victims. May the truth come out as part of the healing process. We are thankful Pope Francis is sending a sex crimes expert to Chile to investigate the situation. We ask your blessing on this expert’s work, in order to help not only victims, but to ensure these crimes will not happen again, and that anything that comes to light in the future will be handled swiftly, graciously, and appropriately. We also pray for Maltese Bishop Charles Scicluna as he listens to victims in Chile. May he demonstrate Christlikeness as he hears from these hurting hearts. May he exercise great wisdom in his responses. Lord, please bring healing to the hurting in Chile as the Catholic church in this nation deals with this scandal. Please bring beauty from ashes. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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