Saturday, June 8, 2019

Prayer as Poland deals with anti-Semitic act and greater issues

Lord God, we pray for the community of Karminowice, Poland, as they process Thursday’s anti-Semitic defacement of a local memorial for Jewish victims of the WW2 German occupation of Poland. We also pray about the greater issues behind this act of vandalism, starting with anti-Semitism in Poland. We know that targeting a specific group of people based on their religion stems from our sinful nature. We pray for the hearts of those who felt the need to destroy a memorial lovingly and intentionally created by Jews and Catholics together—a memorial partially intended to prevent such acts of hatred from recurring in this nation. We pray for conviction of the vandals’ sin of hatred, and that they will both confess this act and offer restitution. Heavenly Father, we also pray for the public discourse happening in Poland that showcases opposing ideas: with some citizens seeking to highlight the Jewish history of the nation and others insisting that Jewish history is overshadowing general Polish history and minimizing the pain non-Jewish residents suffered during WW2. Lord, you saw the suffering of both Jewish and non-Jewish Polish citizens during the occupation. It grieved your heart. Please bring peace to those who continue to stir up dissension about a war that ended long ago. May Jews and non-Jews work together to prevent atrocities from happening in their nation in the future. May they honor each other, remember both the good and bad in their history, and--above all--may they honor you. We ask your blessing on the nation of Poland today. Amen.

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