Monday, June 10, 2019

Prayer for Jack Phillips and Autumn Scardina as Masterpiece Cakeshop faces third lawsuit

Lord God, today we pray for Christian baker Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver, Colorado, USA. We are wearied as we learn that Phillips is facing a third lawsuit regarding freedom of religion as it pertains to his work. We cannot imagine the stress and weariness Phillips deals with as he seeks to make a living while also adhering to religious convictions, yet facing obstacle after obstacle. Lord, we thank you that Phillips’ religious freedom has so far been upheld by his state’s and his nation’s high courts. We pray that his religious freedom will be upheld yet again through this third lawsuit. In the midst of this trying stretch, Lord, we ask you to shield and care for Phillips, and to guard him as the apple of your eye. Grant him deep reservoirs of joy, perseverance and hope. Continue to provide for the financial needs of his family, business and employees. Lord, we also pray for Autumn Scardina, the transgender woman who filed this third suit (her second) against Phillips and his business. Heavenly Father, we grieve with her, and we know you do too. We grieve over her pain, anger, fear and sadness. We pray that she will find peace in you. We pray that she will find peace in life. We pray for Scardina to be able to live her life with dignity, without harassment, and surrounded by people who love her. We pray that you will speak to both her and Phillips as they navigate this legal situation, and that both Scardina and Phillips will be above reproach in how they treat others, including each other. May they understand each other’s perspectives and behave accordingly. Lord, we know that religious freedom is under attack in the state of Colorado, nation of the USA, and all around the world—and that Christianity is not the only religion under attack. We pray for strength of soul for those directly in these battles, and we pray for the faithful to pray regularly for those under attack. In Christ’s name we pray, amen.

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