Monday, June 17, 2019

Prayer for investigation into Argentina's massive power outage PC: Reuters

Almighty God, we pray for Argentina as the nation investigates what caused a nationwide (and beyond) power outage Sunday. Despite the power loss hitting almost all of Argentina, neighboring Uruguay and some areas of Paraguay, we are deeply grateful that no related deaths have been reported as of now. We know that the power is back on, but if there is anyone still suffering due to the temporary loss, we pray concerned neighbors, relatives and citizens would find and assist those in need as quickly as possible. We particularly think of the sick, elderly and socially isolated. Compel people to check on them. We celebrate people’s resourcefulness, allowing hospitals to continue operating and provincial elections to proceed as scheduled. We do sympathize with those businesses that were greatly affected, particularly those that were counting on the Father’s Day boost to their bottom line. Please provide for them in others way, including perhaps people proceeding with their Father’s Day plans another day. Lord God, we pray for energy minister Gustavo Lopetegui as he leads the 10-15-day process of discerning what went awry with the nation’s "interconnection system." May the results be conclusive so further incidents can be prevented. And, Lord, we pray for hearts of gratitude today throughout these nations, focusing on the positive that things did not go worse, and appreciating the benefits generally reliable electricity brings to their lives. May those in nations unaffected also appreciate the great blessings we have in our own daily lives. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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