Monday, June 24, 2019

Prayer for terrorist women and children detained in Syria's al-Hol camp

Lord God, we pray for the women and children detained in the al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria. It is so difficult to comprehend what to do with a camp filled with the women and children left behind by ISIS radicals—the women and children who still believe in their hate-fueled cause! It is hard to fathom what the people deal with who are watching over the more than 70,000 people gathered together, with so many of the detainees grieving the loss of husbands through death or separation and still espousing terrorist rhetoric. Lord, we plead for wisdom for those who control the fates of these women and children. What do they do with terrorists and their offspring? How do they determine whether those who claim regret are sincere? Please grant them supernatural insight and superior judgement. Lord, we pray for the innocent children growing up in this toxic environment. Somehow shield their minds from poisonous intake and give them a chance to live lives of hope and freedom. We also pray for medical care for those children who were harmed as a result of being used as shields by their terrorist “protectors.” We are devastated by these children’s circumstances! And, Lord, we pray for those women and children already consumed by terrorist ideology and hatred. We pray that you would remove their hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh. Nothing is impossible with you. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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