Thursday, March 4, 2021

Prayer about earthquakes and volcanic activity in Iceland

Almighty God, we pray for Iceland, where people are concerned about a likely volcanic eruption. We pray for peace, and for people to place their trust in you. We are thankful for technological advances that allow for modeling and the mapping of potential lava flows. We are thankful it appears no towns will be impacted by lava. We do pray for scientists to have wisdom in how they monitor the excessive earthquake activity and anticipate scenarios. May they prepare the people of Iceland well for any impending hazards. Lord, after more than 17,000 earthquakes over the past week, we thank you that no one has been hurt, and we pray that no one will be harmed in any upcoming earthquakes. We pray that the earthquakes would remain minimal. Finally, we pray against emissions of dangerous gases. We know you have set the pillars of the earth (Psalm 75:3). Glorify yourself in Iceland we pray, amen.


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